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V.12 No.16 (2021)Domain of the sacred. Image, cartography, knowledge of the city after the Council of Trent

Edited by Mario Bevilacqua (University of Florence) and Marco Folin (University of Genoa).

Between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Italian political geography polarized around a group of cities of various sizes and traditions: Rome and Florence, Milan and Naples, Genoa and Venice, Turin and Modena, ancient republics and new dynastic capitals, satellites of the great European monarchies and small noble towns. The meeting - more sporadically the clash - between the dictates of the Council of Trent and the interests of the dominant elites of these cities lays the foundations for unprecedented forms of social, cultural, spiritual control, fueling new urban arrangements and policies, in which the presence and the management of the sacred becomes a strongly conditioning element. The protagonists are then the widespread presence of male religious orders and female cloisters, the renewed contribution of the resident episcopal curia, the parish entity and its role of control and social registration, the consolidation of the confraternity presence, the emergence of new places of worship and devotional practices.

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in_bo vol. 12, no. 6 collects the proceedings of the summer school "New scenarios for disused monastic heritages" held in Lucca between 25 July and 3 August 2019 and promoted by the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna, Cherubino Ghirardacci Study Centre, Lucca IMT Advanced Studies School and by the Augustinian monastic community of the Corpus Domini monastery of Cento. The volume, edited by Luigi Bartolomei and Sofia Nannini, offers reflections on the abandoned monastic heritage, with analyzes that intersect architecture, religion, law, economy, art and history.

Una casa comune.jpg
Una casa comune.jpg

in_bo vol. 11, no. 15 focuses on the relationship between narratives and the city, investigating the current role of a tool and its ability to support urban practices. The volume's contents range from invited short essays, scientific articles and visual works, attempting to explore and trace new trajectories on which to base the future of the relationship between architectural design, narratives and urban phenomena. The volume is edited by Michele F. Barale and Matteo Vianello.

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The evolution in the role of the designer and in the teaching of architecture. Special issue.

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Landscape Education for Democracy. Create participatory education in landscape planning and design for sustainable development. Special issue edited by Ellen Fetzer and Deni Ruggeri. 

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Monographic issue on the life and work of Glauco Gresleri, edited by Luigi Bartolomei, Marianna Gaetani and Sofia Nannini.

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Other issues and materials (years prior to 2020) are available on the In_bo website:

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